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Celebrating american Philanthropy

Thursday, November 14, 2019 & Friday, November 15, 2019

In 1986, President Ronald Reagan proclaimed November 15th as National Philanthropy Day. This day was set aside to recognize and pay tribute to the magnificent contributions that philanthropy and those people active in the philanthropic community have made in our lives, our communities, and
our world.

Two (2) Day Conference Overview 
This inaugural Ted-Talk style two (2) day Conference will host foundation leaders, corporate titans, innovative mavericks and community activists from across the nation to profile the inspiration and intention of their philanthropic work and share extraordinary stories of their philanthropic investment, outcomes, and impact. Showcasing their impact to over 500 live attendees and 5000 livestream viewers, speakers will bring understanding to the synergistic effect of philanthropy and public policy, and pass along their giving values to the future generation of givers and social change influencers.

The Mission Possible Conference platforms will help to create a culture of accessibility and inclusion for non-profit leaders and the communities they impact.

Conference Platforms and Highlights
Gender Equity
Health and Wellness
Arts and Culture
Safety and Generation Z
Poverty Reduction Through Education
Social, Racial, and Ethnic Justice

Traditional and Emerging Players in Philanthropy
Influential athletic organization leaders and all-star athletes are a potent rising force in Philanthropy. Attendees will learn about the philanthropic footprint being crafted by these leaders in the world of professional sports.

Community Activism
Community activists, as well as legacy and newly emerging foundations,  will share the stage in a panel discussion that will enlighten attendees about the rapidly changing intersection of social equality and philanthropy.

Celebrity Lunch
An exciting and engaging opportunity to enjoy a delicious lunch while being entertained and enlightened by some of our favorite celebrities.

Inside the Author’s Studio
Renowned authors, artists, and leaders in philanthropy, multiculturalism, and social justice will share what they have learned while writing their bestselling books, and what inspires them to work toward creating a more just society. 

AfterThoughts Cocktail Hour
This portion of the Conference experience will provide attendees, speakers, and panelists an opportunity to do some networking while engaging and connecting with other leaders in their field.

Prepare to polish off your craft while sampling a variety of local craft beers in our beer garden, or enjoy an old world scotch tasting while savoring tasty hors-d'oeuvres.

Fundraising MasterClass
With University-level partnerships, the Mission Possible Fundraising MasterClass has been tailored to advance corporate, foundations, and nonprofit leaders’ philanthropic foundation through disciplined, specific work sessions that education in traditional and digital mediums. MasterClass sessions will be taught by leaders and innovators in the fundraising world.



World Class Corporate Funders, Foundation Grantmakers, and Philanthropists


500 Live Attendees and over 5,000 Livestream Multicultural Non-Profit Leaders, Activists, Students, and Advocates


Showcasing Renowned Speakers on Powerful Platforms of Philanthropic Investment and Impact:

Gender Equity
Health and Wellness
Arts and Culture
Safety and Generation Z
Poverty Reduction Through Education
Social, Racial, and Ethnic Justice


Top Athletic Players and Entertainers in Philanthropy


Engagement of over 36 Speakers + Interactive and Informational Philanthropic Sessions


Unsurpassed Philanthropic: Access - Knowledge - Insight - Education


Over 2 Days: November 14 & 15, 2019


1 Day Fundraising MasterClass: November 16, 2019


Of Course, Detroit!

There is space to dream big in Detroit, to do things that would be impossible almost everywhere
else, and this is part of the reason it feels like the most exciting city in America right now.
— Reif Larsen, New York Times

Nonprofit Executives, Fundraising Professionals, Socially Conscious Gen Z, Community Activists, Advocates, Scholars and Thought Leaders, Social Change Agents, and Corporate Philanthropy Directors…

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